Tactile puzzle.

Balanced Chair

Balanced is a puzzle game made into furniture that transforms into multiple uses. It can be a simple compact chair or it can expand to become a lounge chair with ottoman and a low table, or much more.
Its shape balances the structural rigidity with seductive curves to create a multitude of different forms and negative spaces that invite creative uses. Subtle curves provide a comfortable ergonomic fit for our bodies in many ways, depending on the configuration, while inner spaces can serve as a practical way to store objects we want at hand while relaxing.
The resulting design is a tactile sculptural form that brings surprise and playfulness to an object as ordinary as everyday’s chair.
Balanced chair is a part of Chairs Everywhere collection.

Phenolic birch plywood

140 x 40 x 83 cm / 55 x 15 x 35,5’’ aprox

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